Kingdom Business: Conversations with Nissi


Hey if you’re reading this, my name is Nia-Cerise Conteh, I’ve grown up in London all my life. About a year and a half ago or so I began an intensive and thrilling search for God.
I always knew of Jesus but He was just a stranger to me, that annoying next door neighbor that you don’t really want to stop and chat to on the road but once a week you have to catch up with; in my case it was that weekly hour in Church. I intentionally walked past Him for years not really asking what He was selling. I was a member of the Church congregation but not an actual member of the true body of Christ.
However, on January 4th 2014 after a very difficult 2013 that had left my core dry and empty I decided that I wanted to really know who this enigma was. I wanted to give my burdens my past and my life to Jesus and become a new creation.

I remember sitting on my bed and dreaming of having conversations with God, conversations where God would actually reply and direct me the way He has directed the children of Israel. Wow. I thought, how lucky was Moses to have chilled side by side with this cool great God and to have been together so long  that his face shone of the presence of God.

One afternoon I found myself reading Habakkuk, he proclaimed:  

“I will stand my watch
and set myself on the rampart
And watch to see what He [God] will say to me.
Habakkuk 2:1

I’m not sure what astounded me more, the fact that Habakkuk had implied that he knew God was about to respond or the fact that He had to actually stood watch, alert and listening.

I suddenly asked myself.

“Nia, have you ever allowed God to honestly speak, have you been
to see how God will communicate with you”

I revised my past prayers, I really thought I had been doing it all right, I thought I had been praying fine! But no, there was one big mistake; I had not realised  that Prayer is a two way conversation with God.
 I realised that I had been talking over Him this entire time. I started getting more quiet before the Lord and giving Him time to speak whether it was through His Word or convictions in my heart. I noticed that the more I let Him talk the more He trusted me to listen, He then began talking to me in greater ways than ever before such as in vivid and powerful dreams. We must realise that when God can trust you with a little- simply something as small as listening- He will then honor you by entrusting you with a lot.

I began to cultivate this beautiful new relationship with God, one where I wouldn’t just seek Him in the morning, evening and before meals for a quick hi and bye. I would have conversations with him all the time.
“Lord, I need inspiration and power right now please inspire me!”
“Where are my keys Lord, some of us aren’t omniscient so erm… a little help?”
“If I forget anything today please remember to remind me thank you!”

I started to practice Habakkuk’s tactics, if God was taking long to respond, I wouldn’t give up instead I would be even more watchful and observant. I used to think that God was just an obvious God, making Himself known through His big man miracles. I realised that He’s just as equally a God of mystery. Sometimes our blessing or answer isn’t  just placed in our laps we must seek it.


I noticed that after I prayed to God I would feel so much better but I wouldn’t notice the external difference until people started commenting on it. “Wow you’re so inspiring” they would say when I gave them Biblical advice. Confused, I would tell them who the real credit should go to. “Wow. You’re such a happy, social and motivating soul”, “Wow, I just look at you and think you’re that girl who’s always smiling.” It took me a long time to realise that this is the shining face of Moses, people see a change when you have been in  God’s presence, they are witnessing that gleaming face of Moses, they are seeing the remenants of this His holy God on my face and in my demeanor. I encourage you to really go and have a chinwag with our Glorious saviour Jesus today and see how great a conversation with good old Nissi is like.

I believe that God speaks to all of His children. God reveals Himself in many ways and talks clearly through His Word. He is a graceful God who communes with His sons and daughters and speaks to our hearts constantly. Talk to Him today. 

Conversations with Nissi

twitter: @niacerise


18 thoughts on “Kingdom Business: Conversations with Nissi

  1. I was on facebook just browsing around and came across your page, i was thinking oh i haven’t seen or heard from Nia in a while i hope she’s good.. i then scrolled and realised you had e a blog so i clicked on it and I’ve just read your ‘spirit of bae’ and your ‘testimony’.. I cannot believe how much you’ve change (in a good way).. from what i remember. I’m completely shocked! honestly I am so happy and kinda proud (if i’m allowed to be) of the woman you are today. its So good ❤ ❤ love you lots Girl xx

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    • ahhhhh rachel how are you! this is so so nice to hear! I hope you’re well, your comment made me smile so much.. “if you’re allowed” you know, of courseeee, thank you soo much, you are such a beautiful young lady! I hope everything is okay miss you lots of love and blessings xxxx

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  2. Wow, just wow. I always pray but don’t really listen to hear God, just pray and go about my business. I’m going to make a change after reading your blog. Thank you so much for letting God use you to bless this busy generation. We are in too much of a hurry to live life that we don’t take the time to cultivate a real relationship with Jéhovah Nissi. Change is on the way! God bless u always

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  3. since i watched your video on the “spirit of bae”, i have been searching for you… i wish you were my sisterrrrr. God bless u hun. the world might think we are extremists but this is the God-live, set apart.

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    • awwww this makes me so happy!! unfortunately the guy who made that video before I launched my own Youtube channel deleted the video!! Thank you for your love, continue to burn for Jesus ❤


  4. I’m glad i’ve gotten to kinda know someone who longs to know more and more of God, like i really do. It’s beautiful. Keep it up and let’s show the world our AMAZING God💜 💜 💜 😘

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  5. Wa just Browning of FB and came across your blog. It’s rea amaizing and really really inspiring! I’m just 17 and done lots of mistakes. I felt useless,unclean,sinful and not worthy for the His kingdom. I really thank God for using your story to help me and still think I have a chance with Him. Thank you very much.

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  6. Wow!!! My friend showed me your instagram page and twitter page this morning, she said I have to follow you, and she even copied your posts a d showed me on whatsapp..God will bless you in everything you do for sharing Jesus to the world..Amen


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